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Do you have an injured animal or an animal with a degenerative condition? The magnetopulse unit is available for hire to treat a wide variety of conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system and the skin. This non invasive and highly effective treatment is safe and can be easily administered at home. Treatment will need to be delivered in 10 minute sessions one to three times a day. Guidance from our in house animal physiotherapists is available.

Hire a magnetopulse for £42.00 per week
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Hire a Magnetopulse

The magnetopulse is a multifunctional unit that delivers both pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and phototherapy. The pulsed magnetic field, through different settings, can deliver treatment for many conditions, that include but are not limited to:

  • Joint disease - Osteoarthritis and any chronic disease of the joint such as navicular and spavin in horses or problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia in dogs.
  • Soft tissue injury - including the treatment of tendons, ligaments, muscles and skin.
  • Fracture repair - for the treatment of stress fractures and more severe fractures. Particularly useful in encouraging non-union fracture repair. Can be used over plates and fixators and will penetrate cast and dressings.
  • Neurological - provides optimum conditions for nerve regrowth. Used in conservative treatment of neurological conditions can help to settle acute flare ups and reduce inflammation causing nerve pain.
  • Post operative - provides optimum conditions for repair of soft tissue, bone and skin.

So, how does it work?

Pulsing magnetic fields affect the function of the cell and help restore the normal balance in a damaged cell. Unbalanced cells result in inflammation. Therefore, pulsing magnetic fields provide an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect is one of the main benefits of this therapy as inflammation can be very damaging to healthy tissue. Inflammation also causes pain. This in turn can lead to restricted movement, disuse, muscle atrophy (wastage), compensatory injury and many more complications.

Another very important benefit of this therapy is that it provides an increase in blood flow. Ischemia (lack of blood flow often as a result of damage to or restriction of local blood vessels) often results in a chronic non-healing condition. Fresh blood brings nutrients and oxygen essential for repair and normal function. This also helps to rid damaging waste from the injured area.

Fracture repair

At a particular frequency pulsing magnetic fields can assist in fracture repair and are particularly useful in the repair of non union fractures. The treatment mimics the natural currents found in healthy repairing bone and works to draw bone cells to the fracture site. A huge benefit of PEMF is its ability to pass through casts and dressings – reducing the problems associated with removal and replacement.


The magnetopulse can also deliver blue and red phototherapy. Phototherapy works at a superficial level and therefore is most effective on the skin. Blue phototherapy is very effective at prohibiting bacterial proliferation. Red phototherapy works to aid wound repair, encouraging epithelial growth and healthy granulation. These two frequencies of light, used together, are particularly effective at treating chronic wounds or wounds that have broken down and can be used after skin grafting to encourage acceptance. Red light applied over acupuncture points has the added benefit of initiating a reaction similar to that of acupuncture or acupressure and also has the effect of releasing endorphins, the body's natural sedative.

How long will it take to treat my animal?

This is dependent on many factors? Each case is treated as an individual and our animal physiotherapists are on hand for guidance. A two to six week course of treatment is usually necessary depending on the nature of the injury. Each treatment will be beneficial and the more regularly you can treat your animal the better.

The aim of treatment for degenerative conditions is to reduce inflammation and the compensatory problems and to aid movement and normal function. It may be necessary to hire the Magnetopulse at regular intervals to optimize the effects in patients with degenerative conditions.

Some conditions where PEMF and phototherapy have been used with positive results:

  • Navicular syndrome
  • Sacroiliac injury
  • Cruciate ligament rupture
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Myositis
  • Muscle sprains, spasm and bruising
  • Kissing spines (spondylitis)
  • Ringbone
  • Sidebone
  • Interveterbral disc disease
  • Mud fever
  • Laminitis
  • Azoturia (exertional rhabdomyolysis)
  • Windgalls
  • Thoroughpin
  • Bursitis
  • Capsulitis
  • Synovitis
  • Bog spavin
  • Bone spavin
  • Suspensory ligament desmitis
  • Injury of the superficial and deep digital flexor tendons
  • Check ligament injury
  • Carpitis
  • Pedal bone fractures
  • Achillies tendon rupture
  • Stifle injuries
  • Meniscal injuries
  • Pedal osteitis

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