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26 February 2015

 We are proud to confirm that in the last few months the below names have qualified as TCAP animal physiotherapists

Alex Hough South Africa

Sarah Heaton 

Gerogia Keegan

Nathalie Janssen Luxembourg

Joanne Pasetti

Lisa Marzengarb

Michelle Smith 

Congratualtions to you all !!!!!!




Life as an Animal Physiotherapist

Life as an Animal Physiotherapist involves working under Veterinary referral to provide treatment and rehabilitation for animals. Animal Physiotherapy is an exciting and rewarding career. The most essential requirement is that you have a natural affinity with animals. find out more

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We are the original route of training for animal physiotherapy. In the past couple of years, some new courses have come to the market. So why should you choose to train with us? find out more

We currently have over 200 students worldwide.

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