The College of Animal Physiotherapy


We are amongst the longest running routes of training for animal physiotherapy


Our Managing Director, Fred Lawrence, has over 25 years’ experience and in that time, we have trained many animal physiotherapists worldwide. In fact, a large proportion of the of animal/veterinary physiotherapists in the UK (non-human based) have trained with us. Since launching our Diploma in 2003 we have trained approximately 1000 students. There is not much we haven't seen either. Between us we have treated over 100,000 cases! We have been at the cutting edge of animal physiotherapy training, development of equipment and research for many years. Our expertise is unrivalled!
Alongside Fred Lawrence are a team of trainers with extensive industry experience, various qualifications in the field of Physiotherapy at Level 6 or above, qualifications in related professions e.g. osteopathy or chiropractic, saddle fitting and qualifications in Education and/or Training.


Over the past 8 years we have worked on making our courses as flexible as possible. The Diploma is fully flexible, taking around 3 years to complete. Study is at the students own pace with full support. The Diploma can be studied around full-time employment. Practical training days are situated around the country. These are also very flexible. For our overseas students, practical training can either be carried out in our training bases in New Zealand or South Africa or students can source a local animal physiotherapy centre or travel to the UK. We also offer a one- or two-year interest free payment option.

Friendship and support

We pride ourselves on the friendship and support that we give to each student. We care about each student, and we care about making them the best animal physiotherapist we can. For us that means support and friendship. If you choose to train with us, you will always have access to help and advice when it is needed. Throughout the course we provide comprehensive feedback, personal to you. We also provide networking opportunities with fellow students so that you can support each other. As we genuinely care about your success, we also support you once you have qualified. We are always on hand to support you in your career and help you in any way we can. We are still friends with many students we trained years ago. "The team at TCAP have been fully supportive, friendly and approachable throughout the whole course and since qualifying this has continued" Catriona Goulding.

Dedicated excellence

We are dedicated to animal physiotherapy training. Our courses are not offered alongside a selection of courses on other subjects. Animal physiotherapy is our specialist area and has been for over 30 years. We continually strive to improve our standards and incorporate new research and technology to help us. We are in control of our training. Although we are officially accredited, we remain an independent organisation. We do not rely on other organisations for our success. We stand by vocational training as the best form of training for animal physiotherapists. Animal physiotherapy is a practical job, and we believe it cannot be taught in a classroom. Although we have strict guidelines to adhere to, we are free to tailor our training for each student. To give individual students the help that they specifically need is what sets our training apart from others.


Our training is a proven route. We have past students working in veterinary centres, rehabilitation centres, colleges, and even in large organisations such as Harrods! Amongst our graduates who work freelance we have physios working on top competition and team horses.

Recognition and accreditation

We hold a Badge of Excellence from Open Awards recognising our excellent training provision.
We are benchmarked and accredited by UK Rural Skills.
We are an accredited learning provider with the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC).
Many veterinary practices have sponsored their staff though our training so that they can then offer their physiotherapy skills to their clients. We regularly receive recommendations from vets and other professionals.
As part of our accreditation, we have been assessed on numerous occasions by specialist assessors. These have been veterinary surgeons of high regard. These vets assessed our course material and shadowed us on practical training days and on all occasions, we were awarded our accreditation partially based on their reports.

Life as an Animal Physiotherapist

Life as an Animal Physiotherapist involves working under Veterinary referral to provide treatment and rehabilitation for animals. Animal Physiotherapy is an exciting and rewarding career. The most essential requirement is that you have a natural affinity with animals. find out more

Why Train with Us?

We are the original route of training for animal physiotherapy. In the past couple of years, some new courses have come to the market. So why should you choose to train with us? find out more

We currently have over 200 students worldwide.

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